How It Works

Here's how it works

Where convenience meets

Homescape has revolutionized the way you care for your home. We are fully integrated subscription based company focused on preventative care maintenance. All memberships are completely customizable to fit your home’s needs.


Choose a Plan

Getting started begins with choosing the right plan for your home
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Schedule Your Visit

After creating your account, book your first routine maintenance appointment. A service technician will be assigned to your property and you can opt to receive alerts and reminders before your appointment.
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The Day Of

Our service technician will arrive the day of your appointment and service your home, in accordance to the membership you have and any add-ons on your plan. (Let our techs know any special details about your property or any special requests you may have to better serve you.)

Final Steps

Our Service Tech will let you know if he/she notices anything around your home that requires or may at one point require attention. You will receive a report containing a recap of what was done during your appointment and the condition of your home.

Schedule Your Next Visit

All plans come with 2 visits per year and you may schedule up to 1 year in advance. If you have not already scheduled your next appointment, we will help you schedule your next appointment.
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But wait... there's more

The Perks of Membership

Because we are grateful to have you choose Homescape, you will receive a welcome package subscription box, just for you. Inside you'll find a gift from our family to yours - from our home to yours.

You will automatically be enrolled to receive discounts and coupons for our partner home improvement stores during selected periods.

But, it doesn't stop there. Throughout the seasons you will receive packages from us that we promise your entire family will be looking forward to, to open. We don't only deliver our superior services, we deliver comfort to your doorsteps.

Gas Furnace Replacement - $4k to $7k

According to, 57% of gas furnace failures could be preventable and the life of the furnace elongated if the furnace is properly maintained.

Cost of Homescape to fully service and maintain your furnace 2x per year: $12/month

Unclogging Drain - $275 to $900 per drain

A clogged drain can lead to a lot of damage and will need to be snaked by a professional. Sometimes getting stuff in the drain is inevitable, but thankfully at Homescape we have a solution for this.

Cost for Homescape to cleanse your drains 2x per year to help prevent clogging: $2/month/drain

Water damage from improper caulk in bathrooms - $1k to $15k

Having improper or old caulking around your tub, shower,
toilet, etc. can lead to water infiltration and even mold
build-up. Water damage behind walls and under floors
can lead to extensive damage in the bathroom and at the
lower level of your home below a bathroom. Repairing
this may require knocking down walls, ceilings, tiles, etc.!

Cost of Homescape to recaulk your bathrooms 2x per
year: $4/month per bathroom.